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Welcome to Aqua Eden, please bare with us as there are still parts that are under construction as we are a new website, here you will find regular articles and product reviews about Freshwater Tropical Fish and Freshwater Tropical Fish Keeping,we also have a store locator so you can see where your closest aquarium shop is in the UK to reviews on the latest products, we are here to do all the research for you so you don't have to.  Aqua Eden was started by people exactly like you, enthusiasts with a thirst for knowledge, so we decided to share what we know and go out of our way to give you the best information you will ever need.  We also will be running competitions for prizes and keeping you up to date on the latest news in the fish keeping world and we are in the process to give you the most complete and up to date fish, shrimp and aquatic plant profiles all in one place, something that i'm sure hasn't been done before.  We also have a forum so you can get together with others with the same passion   So as you can see this site is filling up with information every day so bookmark us and check out the changes and dont forget to like our page !
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Selecting Community Fish for your Aquarium

Starting up an aquarium but have no clue on what to stock it with? Take a look at our guide on stocking so you can have a head start on things.
nitrogen cycle
The Nitrogen Cycle

Take a look at the most important part of your aquarium set up and how to make it safe for your fish before you add them.
Also includes a useful ammonia calculator for fishless a cycle.
Blue ram
diy co2 reactor
How To, DIY Co2 Reactor

So you have reached the point of wanting a planted aquarium and realized that you need Co2. Full pressurized systems can be costly and you don't really know if its the way you want to go.
See our how to so you can build your own Co2 reactor.

we need you
Use What Nature Gives You
We all know how expensive fish keeping is, it feels like a never ending money pit with no end in sight so its always a relief when we can get something that helps us for free.
3 Eyed Catfish Caught in Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn NYC

This is definitely something you do no see everyday, and the guy that caught it is still planning to eat it !!